Mail Anywhere Solution

The Postal Service has launched the new “Mail Anywhere” service that allows Johnwicki Mailing to use the same permit at every mailing location across the country.

What Does This Mean To You?

Your business can have a permit anywhere in the country and Johnwicki Mailing is able to process your mailing from our facility in Ypsilanti Michigan.

What If You Do Not Have A Permit?

That’s ok…You can use Johnwicki’s for Free.


Letter Shop

Whether it’s a merge letter or generic, Johnwicki can automate the process to get your letters out faster.

Print, fold, address, insert and mail


Johnwicki can design the letter for you.

We work with you every step of the way. We will adapt to your template or create one to meet your requirements.




Mail lists?  We Have Them

Let us know what you’re looking for:


New Mover



Property Owner


Johnwicki Mailing will compile the right list at the lowest price to help with your complete project.


Design / Print / Mail

If a one stop project is what your looking for we have you covered.